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Career progression in mental health nursing has been very difficult in Ghana especially if one wants to continue the path of mental health nursing. Until few years ago, the highest one could attain was a diploma in mental health nursing. This resulted in many psychiatric nurses taking alternative career path in career progression by doing BSc Nursing and other related nursing degrees. With the introduction of BSc Mental Health Nursing, a lot of psychiatric nurses have been able to maintain their path in mental health nursing. Even for some who undertook General Nursing Degrees and other related nursing degrees have retaken the BSc Mental Health Nursing. 

In an event with the Level 400 sandwich students of the mental health class, the Head of the Department of Mental Health, University of Cape Coast, Dr. Paul Doku revealed that the Department is working with the school to introduce, MSc Mental Health Nursing. This will afford people who want to continue in Mental Health Nursing have the opportunity to do so. He also indicated that they are planning to introduce direct entry into the BSc Mental Health Nursing. As such people can directly apply from SHS as compared to the current sandwich method for existing mental health nurses.

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