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The Struggle for Nursing Training Forms: Hannah Boateng Writes

Becoming a certified nurse or midwife is a career goal for many young persons, and getting into nursing training college is the only means to this end. However, the passion and enthusiasm to pursue the ‘noble profession’ is often met with many challenges, one of which is getting application forms to buy.

Inadequacies in advertisement and public sensitization on the date of release and sales of forms have been a major challenge that persons who seek to further their education at the nursing training colleges have to deal with. Such persons are therefore compelled to rely on friends who are already in the training schools for information.

At other times, these desperate persons have to check post offices and banks from time to time till they finally hear or see the form being sold, and these put financial stresses on prospective applicants and their parents due to their going up and down in trying to get information on the availability of the forms, especially those from villages and other remote areas of the country.

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Previously, some workers at the various point of sales of the trainee forms charged above the approved prices for the forms; some persons would buy the forms and keep them, only to sell them later when they ran short at inflated prices outside their work place or its original point of sales. And because prospective applicants were so desperately in need of the forms, most would ignore the price and buy it in order to stand a chance of getting enrolled into nursing training college.

Also, no strict notices were issued when the forms were released to control the price at which the forms were to be sold. So, the public were not aware of the price of the forms and so any price the form would be sold, they just bought it. At other times, prospective applicants knew that price of the forms at other places were less than that at where they were buying theirs, but due to transportation, they were left with no choice than to buy it anyway.

In the face of these difficulties, there is the need for a way out, which should help put the general public at ease. A proper advertisement on the form should be done about a week before the release of the forms. The general public should also be educated on how to go about the application when they get the forms.

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