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Qualities Of Great Nurses



Nurses carry great responsibility on their shoulders. The nurses’ profession makes a difference in the lives of people who needs and appreciate the care they give. Nurses perform their duties with their heart to every patient they attend to. Great nurses contribute not only to the success and stability of the healthcare facilities but also to the well-being of their patients.

Respectful. Great nurses respect not only the rules of the healthcare institution but themselves and other people too. Nurses respect the confidentiality requirements of their profession and their patient’s different cultures and traditions.

Sense of humour. There are certain times when nurses have to be serious and there are moments when a funny joke should be thrown into the conversation. This right mix of characteristics will result in such great nurses who know how to rightfully behave in a situation.

Good attention to details. A great nurse knows that every step of their job can have consequences that can either make or break their patients. That’s why they pay excellent attention to every detail to make sure that they will not skip steps or commit errors.

Good communication skills. Nurses work well in different situations interacting with different people. Nurses speak and listen well to others. We’re able to follow directions without any difficulty. We can communicate with the patients to understand what they need and be able to explain to them why such medication or treatment is important for their illness.

Endurance and flexibility. Nurses’ strength, whether it be the physical, emotional, or intellectual aspect, is drained by everyday work at the hospital. As nurses, we must be as strong as we could be to be able to execute our responsibility well. We, nurses, are also flexible about our long working hours and responsibilities because they often need to work for continuous shifts.

Quick thinker. Whenever something is not right with our patient, we nurses must come up with a decision right away. We have to respond as soon as possible because every minute wasted makes a big difference between life and death.

Compassion. Nurses always understand how our patient feels. Yes, it may be true that we haven’t lived through what they’ve undergone, but we know how to comfort them at the time they need it.

Pride in the profession. Nurses will never fail to answer the question ‘Are you a nurse?’ with ‘Yes, I’m a nurse’ with such confidence and pride. All the wonderful traits that a great nurse possesses are truly a thing to be proud of every day.

Nursing is a difficult career but if you have the qualities of a great nurse, the profession will be more rewarding than you think of.

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