Nursing: A Job Not Just for Anybody


Is nursing a job or a profession? Can someone who just wanted to help and provide healthcare to others take up the course and eventually graduate and practice?

Nursing is an honourable and noble calling. This career offers a wide variety of roles and a broad scope of responsibility. Nurses work hard to promote health, prevent diseases and help patients cope with illness. They are also health educators for patients, families and their communities. They assists doctors and physicians in performing treatments and examinations, administering medications and provision of direct patient care.

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But nursing is not just a job for anybody. It is a profession. Being a nurse requires a special skill to be able to perform the duty. It takes a special kind of person to be that nurse. Someone who is compassionate, caring and prioritizes other’s interest. Since they will spend more time with patients than doctors, they should have the skill to interact with patients, putting them at ease and assisting them in their recovery.

Nurses are often specially trained and need to keep up with new developments in their field. They work in difficult situations, and have to remain professional in the face of challenges”.This statement is according to Professor K. Satkunananthnam, Director of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health Minister in Singapore.

Nurses are often taken for granted despite their efforts. But healthcare systems around would not function without nurses as hospitals, clinics and hospices rely on them. As they say, physicians cure, nurses care.

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