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All of the following statement is true about donning sterile gloves except:

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The inside of the glove is always considered to be clean, but not sterile.

Which of the following procedures always requires surgical asepsis?

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The urinary system is normally free of microorganisms except at the urinary meatus. Any procedure that involves entering this system must use surgically aseptic measures to maintain a bacteria-free state.

After routine patient contact, hand washing should last at least:

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Depending on the degree of exposure to pathogens, hand washing may last from 10 seconds to 4 minutes. After routine patient contact, hand washing for 30 seconds effectively minimizes the risk of pathogen transmission.


Effective handwashing requires the use of:

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Soaps and detergents are used to help remove bacteria because of their ability to lower the surface tension of water and act as emulsifying agents.

Which of the following will probably result in a break in sterile technique for respiratory isolation?

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Respiratory isolation, like strict isolation, requires that the door to the door patient’s room remain closed.

Which of the following constitutes a break in sterile technique while preparing a sterile field for a dressing change?

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The edges of a sterile field are considered contaminated. When sterile items are allowed to come in contact with the edges of the field, the sterile items also become contaminated.


Sterile technique is used whenever:

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All invasive procedures, including surgery, catheter insertion, and administration of parenteral therapy, require sterile technique to maintain a sterile environment. All equipment must be sterile, and the nurse and the physician must wear sterile gloves and maintain surgical asepsis. In the operating room, the nurse and physician are required to wear sterile gowns, gloves, masks, hair covers, and shoe covers for all invasive procedures.

Which element in the circular chain of infection can be eliminated by preserving skin integrity?

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In the circular chain of infection, pathogens must be able to leave their reservoir and be transmitted to a susceptible host through a portal of entry, such as broken skin.

A natural body defense that plays an active role in preventing infection is:

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The hair on or within body areas, such as the nose, traps and holds particles that contain microorganisms.


Which of the following patients is at greater risk for contracting an infection?

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Leukopenia is a decreased number of leukocytes (white blood cells), which are important in resisting infection.


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