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The Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives is in utter disappointment about the behaviour of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association executives, led by the president of GRNMA, Asante-Krobea (PHD), in their meeting with the CCNM on 24th January, 2018.

There is no doubt that the ostrich mentality displayed by President of GRNMA, who hijacked the said meeting, was to prevent the agenda (to discuss concerns raised in the petition to arrive at a final decision on the matter) stated in their invitation letter from being discussed. The litany of questions thrown at CCNM executives at the meeting was not only unrelated but unnecessary and unwarranted in all standards as far as the petition by CCNM is concerned.

Among other things, the GRNMA president hijacked the entire meeting time asking the CCNM executives to:

1. show proof by their payslips that they are bonafide members of GRNMA.

2. prove to them that CCNM has the mandate to speak for the over 5000 signatories to the petition.

Those were some of the diversionary tactics employed by GRNMA president, Asante-Krobea and his cronies, who claimed they were representing the national council of the association, to prevent the substance of the petition being discussed. Ironically, only the regions whose delegates voted in support of the increments were represented at the said meeting. Our checks after the meeting revealed that some of the regional chairpersons and secretaries who are part of the national council were not aware of that meeting.

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The behaviour of GRNMA president Asante-Krobea towards CCNM executives in that said meeting speaks volumes and depicts that the leaders of the association are taking members for granted. It was an indication that the president and his cronies do not have the interest of members of the association at heart. If Rev. Dr. Asante-Krobea claims majority of the nurses and midwives are happy with the conference’s illegal decision, then it clearly accentuates the fact that he is completely detached from the grassroot and constitution of the association, hence does not feel the predicaments of members.

We believe that it is time to expose the rots of the Asante-Krobea led administration and its manipulations of the affairs of GRNMA as though it were a family business.

CCNM’s exposé of the illegalities before and after the November 2017 conference might be an iceberg of the rots within the GRNMA.

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The Coalition wants to reiterate that THE DELEGATES AT THE CONFERENCE DID NOT VOTE FOR THE INCREMENTS IN NURSES DUES AND BUILDING LEVY SINCE THE VOTES DID NOT MEET THE CONSTITUTION’S 2/3 REQUIREMENT. It is therefore criminal for anybody within the rank and file of the GRNMA to attempt to implement the increments.

CCNM is cognizant of the malicious, cunning and criminal move of GRNMA National Council of manipulating the results of the votes that were cast under the witness of CCNM observers and all God fearing delegates who have refused to connive and condone with this ungodliness.

Implementing the increments will be tantamount to usurping the powers of the National Delegates Conference, which is the highest decision-making body of the association; a neglect of the association’s constitution; and a sheer disrespect of the rights of members of the association.

The coalition wants to state and put on record once more that GRNMA risks en block resignation of members this time around as more of their rots, including financial malfeasance, are yet to be exposed.

CCNM is assuring the good nurses and midwives across the length and breadth of the country to remain calm and resolute and support the cause to stop GRNMA from implementing this illegality.

Long live nurses and midwives in Ghana, long live CCNM.

Justice Badam Parmaak

Malcolm Akatinga Ali (General Secreatary)

1. Geyevo Emmanuel

2. Theophilus Kwadwo Doh


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