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How Nurses Can Balance Work and Personal Life

Some nurses seem to have a problem balancing work and life with the kind of work they have.  Challenging as it may be, a balance should be in effect to enjoy both the personal and professional aspects of life.  Here are some tips in order to have a balance between work and life for the busy nurses.


  • Look at your options.  Check work schedule flexibility, working/off days, work scope and proximity to your home.  All these are factors that can affect your choice of hospital to work at and how it will affect you as a nurse.
  • Check the timing.  Nurses should always consider whether timing for their professional growth is applicable and perfect at a certain time in your life.  Remember that nurses have erratic schedules and can affect their lifestyle and other personal or professional plans.
  • Leave your work at the workplace.  Sometimes, nurses tend to take home their worries at the workplace thus leaving them more stressed.  Home is the place where you should be relaxing and taking on another role; be it a mother, spouse or simply by yourself.
  • Managing time.  Organizing tasks whether at home or at the hospital can be very effective in managing your time.  Rest days should be spent meaningfully with family or friends.  Or you can simply enjoy your time doing relaxing things alone.
  • Have a buddy system.  Finding a co-worker to share your responsibilities or having someone to cover for your shift whenever you need time off is an effective way to balance your time.  Emergencies happen and a trusted colleague can cover your shift and work around a healthy working relationship that will benefit both of you.
  • Learning to say no.  There are times when a colleague will ask for favors that will tend you to work longer hours.  Sometimes nurses are burdened with extra tasks and refusing in a nice way will surely make your life less complicated.
  • Love yourself.  Nurses are capable of giving the utmost care to their patients and sometimes neglecting themselves.  This should not be the case since they also need nurturing, relaxation and pampering.  Taking short vacations will definitely recharge their tired physical and mental well-being.


For nurses, balancing work and life is a continuing process.  Some still find it challenging to do but some were able to find a solution on how to do it.  Work-life balance is truly a joy to experience; if done properly, nurses will surely have time to enjoy more of life and less of work.

Source: Nursing Guide

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