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Yes, we nurses are only human. Nurses make mistakes and most of the time, new nurses make embarrassing ones. This may be because of nervousness since they are new to the job, or simply because of the stress in the healthcare facility.

Here are some of the common mistakes that new nurses make:

Calling the doctor/physician in the middle of the night unarmed with the needed information. Most night shift nurses make this mistake. Never call the doctor if you don’t have patient’s chart in front of you or any information that the doctor may ask. You don’t want to be scolded just to awake every nerve in your body, right?

Following the doctor’s order the wrong way and/or forgetting one important treatment.  Whenever we are unsure or simply honestly do not know what to do, it is not a crime to ask for clarification. We can check the chart a hundred times or can simply follow-up with the doctor what he really wants us to do.

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Give the patient the wrong medication. This is one embarrassing mistake that most nurses commit, and the most dangerous one. Do check medications hundred times before administering it to the patient to avoid any complications.

Can’t remember whose name belongs to which patient.  It may seem like common mistake, but patient do make a big deal of it, thinking what other things you have confused with them. We nurses have to apologize for this mistake right away. And then made assurance that we haven’t made any confusion on other matters.

Stating words and trips and falls that make you look like a fool in front of others.  Always think before you speak. If you are to state something, make sure that it won’t hurt your listeners. And if ever you’ve had that so embarrassing trip or fall, be sure to stand again, held your head high or just laugh about it.


Nurses do have many mistakes they have and will commit during the course of their employment in any healthcare facility. As embarrassing as this may be, it is just a matter of how nurses will react and learn from these mistakes. Any mistakes committed will only prove that we nurses are human too.

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