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The nursing profession has been known to be the “noble profession” for many years. In Ghana, it used to be the most respected profession. The idea of saving lives is cherished by most people and therefore the nursing profession has that ultimate respect. The profession has changed over the years in both practice and training.

As a student nurse, so much is expected of you professionally, academically and even personally. Mostly, one is reminded of the nurses’ pledge especially the portion that says: “I promise that my personal life shall at all times bring credit to my profession”. The services that a student nurses render to patients is as important as a staff nurse will since it’s all about the well-being of our patients.

It is obvious in recent times that politicians are using student nurses for their own agenda. Whether in power or in opposition, they have found ways using student allowances to fulfill their egotistic agenda. It is very sad to see student nurses in their uniforms during lecture hours being lined up with “praise singing” placards just to meet a president or a minister. They are partly not to be blamed as they may be forced by Principals. As though not enough, you will also find some student nurses in uniform at durbars of the opposition with all sorts of placards and notices. What these student nurses forget is that these politicians are just using them to score political points.

Belonging to a political party is ok, but don’t let them use you and the profession for their selfish interest.

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