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This year, the GRNMA’s best nurse/midwife award has raised a lot of discussions and concerns among nurses and midwives across the country. This could be attributed to the fact that the winner takes home a Brand new a brand-new VW Polo Hatchback car. For some nurses and midwives their concern is the venue for the event, Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City is a very expensive place and that contributions of members are going to be wasted for such venue. But the association has assured members that venue, prizes and other costs are being taken up by sponsors of the event.

The criteria for the selection of the best nurse/midwife are as follows.

1. Your hospital selects the best nurse at the facility and competes in the district in which your hospital is located.

2. The selected candidates compete for the district best nurse and winner is selected.

3. The district best nurses in a particular region compete for the regional best nurse.

4. The regional best nurses go for the national best nurse contest in Accra and are vetted by a panel.

5. National Best Nurse will then be announced at the award ceremony upon the unanimous decision of the panel.

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