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The executive board of Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives (CCNM) is appealing to all its members, nurses and midwives, the general public and its sympathisers across the country to support the pressure group financially to be able to seek court injunction on the illegal decision by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) to increase member’s deductions.

GRNMA is only interested in deducting dues and does not care about the financial implications of the increments on its members. GRNMA doesn’t care about the welfare of its members anymore.

It will be recalled that GRNMA had its 16th Biannual National Delegates Conference in Cape Coast in November 2017 on the theme, “Overhauling Nursing and Midwifery Education: Prospects for Professionalism and Quality Care”.

The grass root members of the association whose monies are deducted every month to run the association were not aware of any proposal to increase their monthly contributions contrary to Article 40, clause 3 of GRNMA constitution which states “Upon the acceptance by the National Council of the recommendation for amendments, the National Council SHALL circulate to the regions the amendment proposal twenty-eight (28) clear days before the delegates’ conference”.


The constitution also states clearly that the delegates to the conference shall be elected by the regional council. ARTICLE 27, CLAUSE 1 states “Regional Council members SHALL elect members to the National Delegates Conference”. But GRNMA decided to handpick delegates to the conference.

Implementation of the increments constitutes illegality because the Delegates at the conference were not elected by their regional Council neither did they vote in favour of the motion but GRNMA says it is going ahead to implement it whether nurses and midwives like it or not.

The existing 1.5% nurse’s dues contributions of their basic salaries and the building levy deductions are constitutional provisions and amending them requires 2/3 of the delegates to vote in favour of the motion. ARTICLE 40, CLAUSE 5 states “For amendment to be valid, two thirds (2/3) of the members present at the meeting must vote in favour of the amendments”.

There were 105 delegates present at the time of voting.

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  1. Ashanti Region – 6 for the increment
  2. Brong Ahafo Region – 10 for the increment
  3. Central Region – 9 for the increment
  4. Eastern Region – 10 for the increment
  5. Greater Accra Region – 10 for the increment (but 9 delegates were present, but total votes were 10. This amounts to over voting)
  6. Northern Region – 0 for the increment
  7. Volta Region – 2 for the increment
  8. Western Region – 8 for the increment
  9. Upper East Region – 5 for the increment
  10. Upper West Region – 0 (all delegates abstained from the voting).
  11. National Executives – 7 for the increment.

Total number of votes = 67.

NB: 2/3 of 105 delegates is 70. This means the delegates did not vote in favour of the increments.

They motions were as follows:

  1. Dues from 1.5%-2.0% of BASIC SALARY (33.33% increment).
  2. Building levy from GHC 10.00 – GHC 20.00 (100% increment).
  3. Nurses Fund from GHC 20.00 – GHC 50.00 (150% increment).

It is clear that apart from the constitutional breaches, 2/3 of the delegates did not vote in favour of the motion. Any attempt by GRNMA to implement the increments constitutes illegality, disrespect and an insult to the consciences of the over 50,000 nurses and midwives whose monthly dues are used to run the association.

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CCNM is therefore appealing to all to support the course to seek court injunction on the implementation of the increments.

Contributions can be made via CCNM mobile money number 0242865557. Mobile money number name is COALITION OF CONCERNED NURSES AND MIDWIVES.

For any clarification and enquiries please contact the president on 0203274133 or the general secretary on 0207741523.


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