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Nursing and Midwifery education is one of the most sought after in Ghana. It is not surprising that each year, thousands of people apply to the various nursing and midwifery training colleges in Ghana. Nursing and Midwifery education offers a wide range of programmes from certificate to degree level with various academic requirements. The interest in nursing and midwifery education in Ghana to some people is the job security that it used to offer (immediate employment after training).

The process of being admitted into a Nursing or Midwifery Training school is by buying an application form online. Based on your SHS course of study and grade, you apply for the appropriate Nursing or Midwifery programme (Click to view Instructions for Application). Eligible candidates are called for interview and successful candidates receive their admission letters or notices.

THE FRAUD: Due to the numerous interests in the nursing and midwifery profession, a lot of criminals have found their way of duping people with the promise of securing an admission spot for them. For some, even though they are qualified, the competition and their mistrust in the system make them fall prey to these fraudsters. Others too who are not qualified in any way believe they can buy their way through. Such people end up paying huge sums of money and later realizing that they have been scammed.

POSTING FRAUD: whether National Service or permanent posting, nurses are not spared from fraudsters. For some reason either being marital, financial or others known to them, some nurses or midwives may not be pleased with their postings. As it is difficult to legitimately change postings, some resort to alternative means to have their postings changed. Some even pay over GHS 2,000 to have their permanent postings changed. In one incident, a nurse said “he told me he has taken care of the posting and that I should go to the regional health secretariate, only to go there and found out that there was no such thing. After paying GHS 2,000, he wouldn’t pick my calls anymore.” And there are many of these still happening. It is there necessary to follow the right process. Do not be scammed.

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