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Bad Habits That Nurses Should Stop Rightaway

Nurses, like any other employees around the world, have developed habits that may seem okay for them and their co-nurses, but could look weird, disgusting and unhealthy for patients and other people in the hospital who’ll see them.

Others may describe these habits listed below as ‘annoying’ or ‘improper’.  But for the nurses, this is a no-no category fillers.

Poor Hygiene: As a healthcare worker, nurses should be the model of proper hygiene. They should be a good example on being clean and hygienic.  But some are not.  There are nurses who stink because they did not use a deodorant, and others even forget to brush their teeth.

Perfume/Cologne Bath: Admit it or not, there are nurses who become ‘over clean’ that they tend to shower themselves with perfumes or colognes.  You can smell them even if they are about 15 feet away from you.  Sometimes, this can lead to patient’s dizziness when they are near.  If other people can smell or have aftertaste of your cologne or perfume, then it means you should minimize the use of it.

Skipping Meal: Nurses and doctors alike do constant reminders to the patients to eat a well-balanced meal. But they sometimes do not follow these.  Since most of the time nurses are busy, they just grab some biscuit, soda, chips or chocolate bar to get going through the day.  Nurses should eat a balanced meal no matter how busy they are.

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Smoking: Nurses do know that smoking is bad for a person’s health.  So why do it? As said, nurses should always set a good healthy lifestyle example to the patients.  It is also awkward for patients to smell your nurses like freshly-litted cigarettes.

Drinking: Drinking moderately wouldn’t be a problem if it’s to unwind, forget about the stressful day or just for a bottle or two to make you relax.  But if you are to consume excessive amount of alcoholic drinks, then it’s your own recipe for a career suicide and early death.  Nurses should be responsible enough, since they know first-hand what happens to those who drinks too much.

Being Impolite: Some nurses do become impolite.  They become rude to some patients and people in the hospital.  They become so authoritative in their workplace that they tend to discriminate or intimidate others.  Yes there is strength in being straight to the point and honest, but it should be in done in the right time.

Being Unfriendly: Nurses forget to introduce themselves to the patient they are assisting.  This may not be a big deal for others, but it won’t be hurtful to introduce yourself and engage in a friendly conversation with your patient while you are attending to their needs.  A simple ‘hi’ and stating of your name or nickname will do.  This will also ease the tension most patients feel towards their nurses and doctors.

Nose-picking and nail-biting: It is disgusting and unprofessional for any nurses or doctors to be doing these.  Though nurses washes their hands often, it still makes one wonder what have you done all day to make you pick your nose with all your might fighting and trying to remove what’s inside it.  The same goes to biting your nail.  Can’t imagine what you have hold and touch and then you’ll bite your nail as if you’re nibbling on some potato chips.

Gossiping: This is the most unethical manner in any workplace.  And though it’s unavoidable,   it’s still a waste of time for a nurse to gossip with co-nurses instead of devoting your time and energy for your patients’ needs.  Gossiping won’t make any improvements and won’t contribute to your patient’s well-being.  So why make time for it?


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