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For sometime it has been a confusion in the health sector particularly in the nursing profession with regards to the wearing of hijab by Muslims. Some nurses have been refused to work because of wearing hijab on the uniform which others considered unprofessional. This resulted in various concerns raised by the Muslim community.

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In light of such incidence, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority has directed all the three Psychiatric Hospitals (Ankaful, Accra and Pantang) to allow all Muslim staff to wear their Hijab to and at work.  This was communicated in a letter which read:

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Following a recent incident at one of the psychiatric hospitals regarding the wearing of hijab, and which received a lot of social media attention, there has been the need to come out with a policy direction.

All Muslim staff are free to wear their hijab too and at work. They should not be restrained. However, in the next couple of weeks the Mental Health Authority shall convene a consultative meeting on the way forward with the hijab regarding safety and precautionary measures. This policy will cover dress code generally to take care of constitutional provisions of freedom of belief and dress while addressing workplace safety. In the meantime, take note and allow wearing of hijab – Dr. Akwesi Osei, CEO, Mental Health Authority.

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