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Recently, there have been various job opportunities available for nurses outside Ghana, especially in Europe. While these job opportunities come with enticing salaries, nurses must be careful to avoid being stranded on foreign land. The nurse must therefore consider the following when looking out for nursing job opportunities outside Ghana with recruitment agencies:


This is one of the most important things to consider if you plan to work outside Ghana through any recruitment agency. The nurse must ask questions regarding forms of accommodation available and the provision made by the recruitment agency. Some recruitment agencies have accommodation arrangements around hospital areas with some even providing rent-free accommodation for a limited period. Since accommodation is one of the most expensive expenditures and sometimes difficult, the nurse must not overlook this.

Travel Support

Getting the necessary travel assistance is also very important. This ranges from getting the appropriate Visa, booking of flight, and even your arrival at the destination. Make sure the agency will help you secure your Visa and flight ticket. Some agencies provide free flights as well as helping you to secure your Visa.


This is the main reason nurses travel outside Ghana for job opportunities. It is therefore expedient that the nurse negotiates the best salary. The nurse must take into regard the standard of living considering the cost of rent, transportation, and others. It is also important for the nurse to ask questions about how salary increments are done.

Educational Opportunities and Career Development

Getting a good salary is not just enough, the nurse must ask questions about educational opportunities and his or her career development. The nurse must know whether they will be allowed to pursue further education during the contract period and if it will be paid by the hospital agency or by themselves. There should also be resources to help the nurse further develop his/her skill set and explore a new career.

Health Support

As we know, the nursing profession is very strenuous and sometimes we may fall sick. The nurse must inquire whether the hospital agency offer paid sick days for foreigners. Also, the type of health service available to the nurse and possible cost or subscription in situations where the nurse falls ill.

These are just a few but important things to consider when seeking job opportunities outside Ghana through recruitment agencies.

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